goodsprings is your birthplace, your renaissance.

but you know you need to leave.
it is steady and it is safe but you need more than that. they welcome you into this world but they cannot make you their own. they do not try to. you make it clear from the very start you intent to move on.

primm is hell, you’re sure of it. primm is smoking and ungrateful. primm is the closest to vegas the NCR will ever get or deserve, and you are quick to move through - to never look back - come see the Vicki and Vance casino, home to the infamous death car and the weapon that was used to-

Nipton burns, and now, so do you.

Novac is bittersweet. you can see the Vegas skyline if you climb to the top of their concrete lizard, yearning and aching. you can hear the screams of Brahmin, screams of ghouls, screams of an empty man with nothing to lose and a town with too much to hide.
a man called no bark yells about the ghouls in the sky and you know hes telling the truth.

jacobstown is safe and it is peaceful. you’d stay here, in these mountains, if you could; you can see the stars. but - your welcome is overstayed the minute you call this place your home. this is not your haven, and you know there are other lights to carry you home.

you wander the strip at night because it’s the only time you can capture the magic you felt in Dinky’s mouth. you gaze up at the lights until it burns your eyes and now you see stars wherever you look. what’s not to love? what’s there to want more than this? your feet ache, your soul aches, and you only find comfort when you set off again, when you find a new place to rest your head in anticipation of another departure.
you’ll solidify your bones and turn yourself to ash if it means you can wander, means you can scan the distance for more lights, more points of being and more beacons guiding you onward. you were never meant to stay anywhere. you can feel the weight of that burden burning behind your armour every time you stop to rest.

you are a courier. you have a lot to carry.

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